tickets Doors open 19:00 Commencing 20:00

SBP4, which unabbreviated in Russian translates to "The Biggest Prime Number" has over the 15 years become an indie darling in Baltic countries, Europe, Asia, and South Africa.

Electronic music with groove, energy and force, but also glitches and irregularities. No simple rhythms or pattern sounds. Concept odyssey that dips into many genres along the way. Colourful collage, rhythms, hip hop breaks, funk guitar, disco bass, female back vocals, psychedelic bridges — it’s all a festival of disobedience.

The band now is going to present its new album “There is nothing left”. For the first time the audience will be able to hear most of the songs on the record live. And also rare, old and wildest compositions. Now this is music of people in pain, for people in pain.

“... with all the richness of choice, it looks like the best album of the band” (Alexander Gorbachev, New Music channel)

“... the best record of the fall for those who want to talk about what is happening” (Sofya Vorobyova, Meduza)

“The most powerful album in Russian in 2022” (Nikolai Grunin, Signs of Life channel)

"There's Nothing Left, it seems like something can add to your life and can resonate with you, no matter where you are now and how much your life has changed in 2022" (The Flow)

“But the most valuable thing about “There is nothing left” is that it helps to somehow survive this pain from the loss of the past” (Nikolai Ovchinnikov, The Village)